Project Management/Research

First I look up the company I am making designs for to see what they are all about to base what they need from me off of. Then usually I look online to see what successful and well known similar companies have designed to help me to base my designs off of. I also look through printed material from famous magazines, newspapers, books, etc. to see how to do layouts as I also do from content online. This information I then use for project management with a company, although I only have educational experience and am looking for a company to hire me right now.

Conceptual Development

I draw from some ideas that I mentioned in my research section then modify them in my own style to make it my own. I will show and then ask the client and project manager if my designs are ok and will go off of what they say: if they need to be redone I will do so to the best of my ability to meet their criteria and needs as many times as needed unless stated otherwise or it is out of the stated agreed upon budget.

Production / Critiques

Once all my designs are approved I will then do what I can to publish and get the work out for the client for the public to see. Usually I'll work with a printing company if it is print design and/or an online web hosting company if they need a website to be made or modified. I'll follow the guidelines that the printing and/or webhosting company says to do then when everything is finalized will produce the final products.


With the final products made I will present the finalized finished materials in a PowerPoint presentation or other form of presentation program for the client to review and approve. If everything is ok with the client then the finalized finished materials will go public and will be mass produced and/or presented on the website for the public to start using and viewing everything for the client's needs.